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A general contractor for residential projects

Why Hire A General Contractor For Residential Projects


Why do you need to hire a general contractor for residential projects?

  1. One-Stop Solution For Construction Needs
  2. Time-Efficiency
  3. Safety Is Guaranteed
  4. Knowledge of Building Codes
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Singular Point Contact


Do you have a residential project in mind? If yes, remember to recognize whether or not it is something you can do yourself. Overconfidence is a notorious factor that leads to failed projects. It is better to know about why to hire a general contractor for residential projects. Read on to learn more about this!


One-Stop Solution For Construction Needs

Most owners fail to realize that residential projects will need several people onboard to complete. It would not matter if the project is small or big!

For example, in order for a kitchen to be built, you will need the help of subcontractors such as plumbers, cabinet contractors, flooring specialists, painters, and installers. That is a long list of professionals!

This is what makes hiring a general contractor the wise choice. They are responsible for overseeing all the aspects of a residential project. This means that they will be coordinating with the professionals that you need.

General contractors are likely to have worked with subcontractors in previous projects. With that, they will have connections with the best professionals in the industry.



General contractors in a house constructionIf it so happens that you do not hire a general contractor, your residential project will be time-consuming. Building an average residential space can take anywhere from weeks to months before completion.

If you hire multiple contractors, odds are they will not be on the same page. Each one will have differing opinions when it comes to processes.

A general contractor’s job includes keeping all the phases of the project flowing smoothly. Given that they have a large network of reliable subcontractors working for them, it would ultimately speed up the project.

If you did not already know, numerous factors can impact the completion of a construction project such as bad weather conditions, material delivery delays, and late workers.

If you hire a general contractor, you can rest assured that they would have the expertise to schedule the timeline effectively. They would be able to deal with the drawbacks that occur during the project as well.


Safety Is Guaranteed

Just like any other construction project, residential projects pose a safety risk as well. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, it may lead to an injury.

General contractors understand that their line of work is high-risk. This is why they are trained to safely handle all the construction equipment and tools needed.

In addition, they would employ the necessary safety protocols to prevent worker danger and ensure that the overall project complies with safety standards.


Knowledge of Building Codes

Residential Construction PapersIn the Philippines, residential projects have building codes to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the occupants. If you get caught not following the set of regulations, the officials may stop the entire construction.

More often than not, owners do not have knowledge about whether their project will pass inspections. In this case, hiring a general contractor proves to be worthwhile.

Not only will they know about all the building codes, but they will also procure all the permits to ensure your project is completed in an efficient manner. This means you will not have a problem with inspection delays and re-inspection fees!


Cost Savings

If you decide to build that residential project on your own, you will have to go out and purchase all the necessary materials and tools. Let us not forget that you might run into the risk of acquiring the wrong and sub-standard items as well.

Do not make the mistake of doubling your expenses! If you hire a general contractor, they will buy high-quality bulk items from their preferred suppliers who they have already worked with in the past. That prior relationship would allow them to offer large discount rates.

Moreover, the general contractor’s expertise would mean getting the job done without errors. This means you get to avoid shelling out more money for redoing changes.


Single Point Contact

The general contractor of a house construction project on the phoneGiven that the general contractor will oversee the entire project, you will know exactly who to call. If you have project concerns about scope, timelines, and budgets, the general contractor will effectively communicate with you throughout the process.


Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about why to hire a general contractor for residential projects, take a look at the reasons we have stated above. To conclude, hiring a general contractor saves you money, time, and hassle.

At Cross-Link, we provide clients with top-notch general contractor services. As a team that is dedicated to building superior residential projects, we ensure clients reap all the benefits we’ve stated.


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