7 Services Offered By Electrical Contractors

December 8, 2020
Electrical cable installation

What are the services offered by electrical contractors?

  1. Inspect Site Electrical Systems
  2. Delegate Tasks to Electrical Engineers
  3. Installation and Repair of Electrical Works 
  4. Adhere to Safety Standards 
  5. Secure Permits 
  6. Answer Project Concerns
  7. Post-Service Upgrades

No matter how big or small a project is, it would be best to consider availing of the services offered by electrical contractors. These professionals will ensure that facilities are built efficiently. It’s the job of electrical contractors to oversee all things electrical on your site. 

Hiring a qualified electrical contractor in the Philippines proves to be helpful because handling anything related to electricity requires knowledge about building codes and safety standards. They would be in charge of the installation, repair, maintenance, and upgrading of electrical systems. Each facility will require the expertise of electrical contractors to make sure everything is working properly. 

Continue reading to learn more about the services offered by electrical contractors. 

Inspect Site Electrical Systems

Electrical contractor inspecting electrical system plan of a project

Electrical contractors will inspect site electrical systems to address issues and determine which would be the best solution for the project. They will thoroughly check where the system will be installed.

Various electrical systems to be inspected and installed. Here is a summary of them:

  • Lighting – outdoor, room, office, foyer, entrance lighting, and any other lighting equipment 
  • Electrical Equipment – diesel rotary UPS, dynamic and static UPS, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, underground and overhead electrical lines, generator sets, surge arresters, solar panels, automatic and manual transfer switch, power capacitor banks
  • Alarms – door entry, CCTVs, fire alarms
  • Other Electrical Works – outdoor and indoor substations, electrical transmission, and distribution, busway system

The quality control process is intricate and will spot faulty devices that need to be repaired. Afterward, they may report any potential problems to the general contractor or owner.   

Given their license and expertise, electrical contractors are capable of testing the systems thoroughly. All the electrical systems should be maintained to eliminate safety hazards that are not only costly but also fatal. 

Delegate Tasks to Electrical Engineers

It is the responsibility of electrical contractors to ensure that all tasks are being executed properly. For this reason, they will hire electrical engineers with different specializations. The need for these key team members will depend on what the electrical systems require. 

Before any project is executed, the electrical contractor needs to come into agreement with the building owner through a contract. They will see to it that the tasks delegated to engineers are done according to the said contract. 

Installation and Repair of Electrical Works

Installing cables

Another service offered by electrical contractors is the installation and repair of electrical products works. After inspection and delegation of tasks, this is where the operations begin.  

As an authoritative figure, electrical contractors will maintain team coordination in installation and repair to make way for an efficient project flow

Adhere to Safety Standards

Handling anything that has an electric current poses risk hazards such as electrocution and fire. In such a high-risk environment, electrical contractors will ensure that the systems are compliant with safety standards. 

It’s paramount that your project is compliant with the building codes as well. These are rules that indicate the standards for buildings being constructed. It was mandated into law to ensure the public’s general welfare and safety. 

Secure Permits

Electrical contractor securing permits

Projects need to secure several permits which can range from plumbing, environmental, fire clearance, and electrical. If it so happens that your project does not adhere to safety standards and building codes, you will not be able to obtain these permits. 

It’s important to remember that failing to have electrical permits on hand during scheduled inspections can result in penalties and even discontinued operations. Thankfully, electrical contractors will complete all necessary permits in a timely manner.  

Answer Project Concerns

Electrical contractors inspect sites, delegate tasks, monitor materials, and adhere to safety standards. Simply put, they oversee the entire electrical operations. 

Naturally, electrical contractors would keep daily reports about how the tasks are being executed. If project owners have any questions, they would be the point person. Some documents they handle may also include blueprints, schedules, and material inventory records. 

Post-Service Upgrades

Upgrading cables

Most electrical contractors are capable of upgrading the electrical systems that they installed. However, it can be incredibly challenging given the new tools and devices to be used. 

If you hire an electrical contractor, you can ask them about their retrofitting options. After all, they are in charge of analyzing the full scope of electrical installation and maintenance. 

When this is done, the systems can be more efficient. This is because electrical contractors ensure the upgrades last for long periods of time. 

Key Takeaway

These are the services offered by electrical contractors. These professionals help build a safe and efficient project because they oversee the entire electrical operations.

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