5 Tips To Organize A Construction Project

April 26, 2021
5 Tips To Organize A Construction Project

What are some good tips to organize a construction project?

  1. Draft a project roadmap
  2. Make use of the latest tools
  3. Keep a checklist of all activities
  4. Focus on collaboration
  5. Design the flow of site traffic

For many project owners, construction site organization is a primary concern. Although they may already have a design and a plan yet to be executed, very few of these details actually properly transpire during the construction phase. Issues may stem from the project buildability, overblown costs, hazards, material procurement, and many more. While these problems won’t be totally eliminated, project owners see to it that they’re aware of the many tips to organize a construction project so that everything is as smooth-sailing as possible.

Project owners need to understand that every phase of the project is crucial — from the initial development phase, pre-construction, and even the execution plan. In order to combat challenges that may stem from each stage, there should be a proactive desire from every party involved in the project to collaborate with all key players. Read on to learn more.

Draft A Project Roadmap

Prior to any construction project, there should be a roadmap that sets scopes, defines goals, and outlines concrete plans on who such goals can be executed and met. Most projects, when implemented without any concrete framework by which to base operations and processes ultimately fail due to disorganization. This is why it’s crucial that you don’t skip out on this important step in the overall construction phase.

In a project roadmap, ask questions regarding the goal, timeline, estimated costs, resources, or type of contract. For example, if you want to enlist a contractor to build a swimming pool for your home, during the roadmap, you should communicate to the team how you want the swimming pool to look like, what features are included, etc.

Combined with this, you should be able to work with them on defining an estimated timeline for the project. Usually, small scale projects such as these take from anywhere between 2 to 3 months to complete. However, it will depend on the type of structure — make sure you take note of these, alongside other aspects, such as materials, expenditures, and other resources.

Make Use Of The Latest Tools
Make use of the latest tools

Many industries, including construction, have also begun taking advantage of modern tools and software to help with their operations. Gone are the days of having to rely on manual paper logs that can easily get lost without any backups. Instead, construction companies have turned to comprehensive construction software that allows them to store data more efficiently, improve work productivity, and reduce administrative work.

As the client, you’re not really expected to have the latest construction management software, but partnering with a good general contractor can get you access to these tools. They will be able to provide you with ample training on how to use the software, allowing you to track progress and provide updates on your own time.

Keep A Checklist Of All Activities

Tons of activities take place during construction itself — from scaffolding, plastering, painting, electrical component installation, assembly, brick laying, and the like. On your site, you’ll have a number of subcontractors and personnel who will be working on and managing these activities. Keep them organized at all times by encouraging them to make checklists of their own in order to keep tabs on even the smallest construction details.

For example, you can provide on-site personnel with a safety checklist to help them be aware of safety protocols as long as they’re on the job. This checklist can include a list of all potential hazards, required protective gear, scaffolding safety, and other reminders.

It may also be useful to divide the construction work into clusters. Those working on scaffolding, for example, can keep a checklist of things they need to do. The same goes for other sub-projects in the construction site.

Focus On Collaboration
Focus on collaboration

Miscommunications can harm the outcomes of any construction project. Simple disagreements on the design can cause a poorly-executed plan which does not meet the client’s expectations. Remedies for such issues can be time-consuming and costly, creating a domino effect on the success of the project.

All of the above can be avoided if construction project owners and firms work in collaboration with every department involved in the project. Aside from construction management software, teams can also use apps that help them streamline their processes as well as improve data visibility and accessibility. It’s also a good habit to ask whenever possible, instead of assuming. With good communicators and collaborators, setting up a well-designed project is certainly possible.

Design The Flow Of Site Traffic

On-site, construction activities should be done simultaneously without disrupting the flow of operations. An effective method of achieving this is by designing and organizing the flow of traffic. The site layout should designate where materials and equipment will be stored, food traffic, and transport of other objects.

A layout makes construction sites safer and more organized because it reduces time needed for logistics. Workers will also be more efficient because they understand when and where to keep equipment, conduct construction-related activities, and so on.

Key Takeaway

Working on a building or a small renovation? We’ve highlighted some of the many tips to organize a construction project that can help you boost efficiency, output, and productivity while working on and off-site. A well-managed construction site is the key to realizing any project’s success. When teams are on the same page regarding objectives, logistics, and equipment, all of them can work collaboratively to fulfill the demands of the project.

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