What are the Different Types of Contractors?

March 17, 2021
Contractors discussing about bricks

What are the different types of contractors?

  1. General contractor
  2. Electrical contractor
  3. Trade contractor
  4. Design and build contractor
  5. Freelance contractor

No matter if you’re a private person looking to hire someone to do home renovation work or you’re part of a large business in need of construction specialists, it’s important to hire different types of contractors. You’ve likely come across these professionals as you shop around for the best company that provides construction services in the Philippines. But what exactly are the roles that each of these contractors perform? The term “contractor” covers a wide range of definitions, but if you know what to look for, then you can hire the right people for your construction project.

The different types of contractors can be categorized according to the following: general contractor, electrical contractor, trade contractor, design and build contractor, and freelance contractor. They each have specific roles to play that are crucial in the completion of any kind of construction work. Continue reading to learn more. 

General Contractor

As the name suggests, general contractors provide daily general contracting work for construction projects. Simply put, they are not only involved in manual processes, but they also undertake supervision responsibilities to ensure that the project is completed on time, without any fusses, and in the safest way possible. 

The responsibilities of a general contractor may be (but not limited to) the following: acquire materials and building resources, distribute work, collaborate with the client on the project design, manage the budget, or even hire subcontractors themselves. General contractors are expected to have both construction and management skills, which you won’t encounter in all types of trades. For this reason, clients ensure that the general contractors they hire have the necessary qualifications for the job. 

Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractor at work

Ample supply of electrical energy is one of the primary requirements before a building can be fit for occupancy. With proper electrical supply, electrical systems and devices in the building can be powered, in order to create an efficient building and improve the overall comfort for the inhabitants when using electrical devices. 

With this in mind, hiring a professional electrical contractor should also be one of your priorities. Oftentimes these professionals are also supplied by your general contracting company. Electrical contractors are equipped for a number of electrical work, such as installing busway systems, adding fire protection, optimizing HVAC systems, providing lighting fixtures, generator sets, switch boxes, and many more. 

Electrical contractors do not work inside a vacuum. Instead, they work together with other professionals in ensuring that all electrical systems fit together with the rest of a building’s physical structure or design. 

Trade Contractor

Trade contractors — also known as subcontractors — are hired by the general contractor to carry out a range of construction work. While their roles may overlap that of an electrical contractor, electrical contractors are much more specific in comparison. On the other hand, trade contractors can work on different parts of a building, such as the drywall, roof, cladding, panelling, plumbing, landscape, tiles, floor layout, windows, and many more. 

For smaller-scale projects, finding a company that can supply you with the right trade contractors can facilitate the completion of your project. Another advantage is that you can make sure that the construction company you hire sees to it that only the most skilled trade contractors are working on your project. 

Design And Build Contractor

A contractor looking at a blueprint

A design and build contractor is usually a construction firm or company that’s responsible for the design and the completion of the project. Unlike in a traditional contract wherein the client hires an architect separately and tenders the design prior to construction, design and build is much straightforward. Design and build (DBB) contractors do the job of both designing the project and coordinating with the project owner to start and finish the project.

You can benefit from a DBB contractor, depending on the nature of your project. For example, a DBB contractor guarantees you project quality because there is accountability when it comes to changes in the design. Whereas in a traditional setup, contractors are oftentimes not responsible for lack of buildability. However, this is the preferred option for government projects or civil works due to its cost-effectiveness.

Freelance Contractor

Like many freelancing jobs, freelance contractors are self-employed and work with a client for a specific duration until such time that the project has been completed. These types of contractors are suitable for low-cost projects that don’t really require extensive management.  

For larger-scale projects, however, you’ll be better off hiring a general contractor. These companies can provide you with subcontractors that are insured and are trained to carry out complex work. They also have complete equipment so you don’t have to worry about supplying them with the tools they need. 

Key Takeaway

When looking for different construction services in the Philippines, understanding the types of contractors can help you choose the right arrangement that meets the needs of your project. 

In this guide, you’ve encountered general, trade, freelance, electrical, as well as, design and build contractors. As mentioned before, general contractors perform both management and contracting duties — i.e. with hiring subcontractors. Other contractors differ from the type of arrangement and the services they provide: Electrical contractors specifically perform electrical-related functions, while trade and freelance contractors may have similar duties, depending on the kind of work they work on.

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