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October 20 2020 0Comment
A building being constructed

What Are The 7 Factors That Affect Construction Projects

What are the factors that affect construction projects? Low-Quality and Damaged Materials Supplier Failures Under Qualified Workforce Securing Building Permits Last-Minute Changes Budget Weather There’s no doubt that every general contractor in the Philippines has the intention of offering the best services. However, there are numerous factors that affect construction projects. More often than not, […]

October 03 2020 0Comment
Contractors trying a software trend that will impact the construction industry

5 Trends That Will Impact the Construction Industry

  What are some of the trends that will impact the construction industry? The rise of modular and prefabrication construction New project management software Introduction of robotics and automation Improved safety protocols Focus on green construction   There is no doubt that we are living in an era where trends emerge at unprecedented rates. In […]

October 02 2020 0Comment
A general contractor for residential projects

Why Hire A General Contractor For Residential Projects

  Why do you need to hire a general contractor for residential projects? One-Stop Solution For Construction Needs Time-Efficiency Safety Is Guaranteed Knowledge of Building Codes Cost Savings Singular Point Contact   Do you have a residential project in mind? If yes, remember to recognize whether or not it is something you can do yourself. […]

October 01 2020 0Comment
Building A Commercial Building

6 Things To Consider When Building A Commercial Building

  What are the things you need to consider when building a commercial building? Type Location Budget Building Permits Contingency Plans Selecting A Contractor   Constructing a commercial structure requires meticulous planning. Whether it will be used as an office, retail store, or warehouse, you will need to commit to getting the project done. With […]

September 26 2020 0Comment
An electrical contractor at work

6 Characteristics Of A Great Local Electrical Contractor

  What are the characteristics of a great local electrical contractor? High level of expertise Has a positive reputation Committed to safety Effective communication skills Embraces innovation Maximizes your budget   Electrical products help people’s lives for numerous reasons. It ranges from providing electricity for households all the way to helping organizations come up with […]

September 25 2020 0Comment
A design and build contractor at work

6 Reasons To Hire A Design And Build Contractor For Commercial Buildings

  What are the reasons to hire a design and build contractor? Convenient one-stop construction needs A collaborative team Continuous and efficient workflow Established clear communication Crucial insights Cost efficiency   Building any kind of project is challenging. This is especially true when you’re not familiar with the whole construction process. With that, you might […]

August 29 2020 0Comment
Top view of a construction site

6 Traits Of A Great Construction Company

  What are the traits of a great construction company? Has A Record Of Experience and Success Equipped With Professional Teams Strong Risk Management Embraces Innovative Equipment and Technology Commitment To Safety Transparency   Whether you are looking to build your all-new dream project or planning to remodel your building facilities, you must be knowledgeable […]

August 28 2020 0Comment
Building Construction Type

5 Building Construction Types You Need To Know

  What are the different building construction types? Fire Resistive Type I Non-Combustible Type II Ordinary Type III Heavy Timber Type IV Wood-Framed Type V   From residential homes, malls, healthcare facilities, all the way down to offices. You drive by and walk past different building construction types every day. Most people don’t know how […]

August 27 2020 0Comment
Construction workers in a construction site

5 Tips On How To Manage Construction Projects During The Pandemic

  What are the tips for managing construction projects during the pandemic? Review the local health guidelines Train everyone to follow health protocols Consider adjusting worker schedules Establish clear communication Be ready with backups   It is undeniable that the pandemic has impacted every country. The coronavirus has economies spiraling. The construction industry is taking […]

March 07 2015 0Comment

How To Decorate With Black-and-White

The classic color combination makes any room — from bathrooms to bedrooms — sophisticated, chic, and timeless. From horizontal stripes to graphic floor tile, designers share their favorite black-and-white decorating ideas.