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September 25, 2020


There are a lot of factors that come into play when building a new property. This includes the materials needed, project size, design, location, and budget. In a traditional setting, one has to look for numerous experts to complete the project. You need to find the best contractor, engineer, architect, and many more. This is quite time-consuming, so what’s stopping you from hiring a full-service design and build contractor in the Philippines?

While there are numerous companies that provide design and build services, only a few can truly claim they are the best. In order to make your dream project come true, choose Cross-Link!

As the leading design and build contractor in the Philippines, Cross-Link is ready to take all the problems off your hands. Rest assured that our team will take care of all your project needs. There are no better contractors to turn to when seeking competent engineers and construction workers. From the initial sketches to the final construction design, we’ve got it for you.

Learn more about why we are the best design and build contractors in the Philippines today.


What Is a Design and Build Contractor?

Over the years, design and build contracts have risen in popularity. Unlike the traditional construction model, it is truly a more efficient way of developing and building projects. But first things first, what exactly do design and build contractors do?

In a traditional contract, the stages are design, bid, and build. It is a time-consuming process wherein the owner will need to partner with an architect before several contractors bid on building the project.

However, in a design and build contract, the bidding stage comes first. The owner only needs to select a company that has design and build capabilities to take the project.

Simply put, design and build contractors take on the responsibilities of construction companies, architects, and contractors, all under one contract. They are responsible for fully servicing clients by focusing on streamlined design and building processes. From the initial design planning phase to physical construction, it creates a productive experience for both the client and the company.

All the phases are overlapping which significantly speeds up the projects. The entire project happens under one company, meaning the owner gets to save more time.


About Cross-Link Design and Build Services


When it comes to creating your dream project, you’ll want only the best design and build contractor in the Philippines. At Cross-Link, we guarantee you a smooth construction experience. With us, you get the best results.

To help you with your decision-making process, we’ve rounded up our services to provide an informative insight into our company. Read on!


Wide Variety of Industries

There are numerous types of buildings. Residential properties cater to families. Industrial buildings are used as factories for manufacturing products. High-story company buildings serve as offices. Commercial-type buildings for five-star hotels also exist.

We provide design and build services for any building type. Through our wide array of licensed experts, we’ve made it possible to cater to different industries. No matter what structure type you want to build, Cross-Link is available for you. Whether big or small, we are the prime choice for your projects.


Pre-Construction Assessments

At Cross-Link, we ensure that we take care of your projects from start to finish. Before the actual construction services begin, a detailed plan outlining each phase of the construction is provided.

This is where our professional engineers and architects work together as a cohesive unit. Several pre-construction assessments are done which includes developing the budget, identifying permit requirements, site analysis, planning the design, scheduling timelines, and many more.

Our mission is to guarantee your dream project’s structural integrity. Cross-Link oversees every process carefully – we make certain that we get every procedure done professionally and excellently.


Top-Notch Architectural Design

We pride ourselves on being the best design and build contractor in the Philippines. There is no shortcut to this and it is made possible by working with only the best team too.

Design is an integral part of any building. At Cross-Link, we are in charge of planning every space and facade design of your project. Our professional and licensed team members are ready to cater to you. From architects, engineers, to construction professionals – all of our key project members will form a top-notch architectural design plan that is structurally balanced.

We offer to build using the best materials and design with your style preference in mind. Whether you want to encapsulate contemporary aspects or traditional styles, rest assured that Cross-Link has the expertise to deliver high-quality spaces.


Post-Construction Evaluation

Identifying and resolving any potential problems before you open the facility’s door opens is our main responsibility. Before we finally turn over your project, our team will need to do a post-construction evaluation.

Cross-Link prioritizes delivering top-quality service. We see to it that all the construction phases are carefully planned from start to end. Working hand in hand with building inspectors, our project managers eliminate defects to avoid any future building issues.


Why Choose Our Services


Cross-Link is a one-stop design and build contractor in the Philippines for all industries – and we have proof of that too.

As the prime choice of clients and industry experts, we integrate superior quality to our core. Every project is systematically planned and we continuously serve excellence in the field of construction.


Years of Expertise

Designing and building involve meticulous planning to create superior quality projects. All the team members need to be equipped with not only extensive knowledge but also expertise about all the processes.

Cross-Link has been in the industry for almost three decades. We have worked hard to cater to our clients and earned three decades of relevant industry experience. Some of our major projects include the Shangrila Hotel at The Fort Taguig City, Okada Manila, and the Petron Bataan Refinery.

Today, we are preferred by clients and industry experts alike nationwide. We were able to manage every project given to us with efficiency. Unmatched craftsmanship and client-focused solutions are some of the attributes that distinguish us from the rest. But the experienced Cross-Link project team is the main leverage of our company.


Honest and Dependable

Cross-Link is a recognized design and build contractor in the Philippines for good reason. The trust of clients is what got us where we are today.

Cross-Link’s priority is you. To produce the best design and build services is our mission. We guarantee excellence at every construction phase. Relax and let our superior quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction do the work for you.

We deliver projects on time, on budget, and according to your style preferences. In addition, our integrity is built on the transparency of operations. Therefore, if you have any concerns, our team is ready to answer them at all times.


We Are Always Improving

Innovation plays a big part in the construction industry. Cross-Link never compromises on exceeding your expectations. We recognize the importance of revolutionizing our processes.

As a top design and build contractor in the Philippines, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods. Adopting groundbreaking standards and acquiring high-end materials is what makes our processes more efficient.


Get Professional Design and Build Contractor Services in the Philippines with Cross-Link!

When it comes to looking for the best design and build contractor in the Philippines, choose Cross-Link. Trusted by clients and industry experts, we cater to you through years of expertise, dependable service, and innovative methods.

With over 29 years of expertise, we deliver the most efficient services. From professional general contractors, mechanical contractors, to even electrical contractors. Our team works with you from the beginning to the end in order to build your dream project.

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