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September 25, 2020


Procuring the services of a professional electrical contractor in the Philippines is important. Maintaining the function of your electrical utilities should be the top priority to ensure that all building components and systems function in tip-top condition.

As the country’s leading electrical contractor, Cross-Link has every solution you may need. We provide a range of general electrical services to ensure the overall structural integrity of your building. In particular, we conduct the following: Lighting installation, engineering projects, fire protection work, generator set installation, busway system development, outdoor/indoor substation construction, communication facility planning, and transmission systems. There’s no better source to turn to for the highest-end electrical equipment like power transformers, industrial lighting systems, switch gears, diesel generator sets, transformers, substation equipment, circuit breakers, and more.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and drive to produce state-of-the-art electrical engineering services makes us reliable, dependable, and trusted. Need to have work conducted in your office space? How about your petrochemical plant? Whatever you need, we’re ready to make all of it happen for you.


Company Profile

Before you choose your electrical contractor, you obviously have many considerations — you’ll need to make sure the electrical contractor has the right competence, expertise, experience, and drive to get the job done. You’d want someone who is receptive to your input and is willing to work with you throughout every step of the process.

Starting out from humble beginnings and branching our way into contemporary times while offering unparalleled innovation and reliability, Cross-Link has become the leading provider of electrical contractor services in the Philippines. It is our desire to provide our clients with fine workmanship on all our civil, general, and electrical undertakings.

We are capable of planning and developing transmission superhighways, for example, to deliver you low-cost generation and improved reliability on this invaluable energy source. Here at Cross-Link, we’re constantly on the move to design and manufacture electrical products and systems to help you maximize your use of electricity. Trust us to build projects like cooling towers and transmission systems to help your equipment function optimally and reduce instances of down-time.

Apart from this, we also do simple electrical fixture installations like lighting, wiring, generator sets, rough-ins cables, bus ducts, and the like. No task is too small for us to accomplish.


Excellent Service

Our dedicated team at Cross-Link ensures that our company produces only the most excellent services for our projects. Excellence is guaranteed in every level of the project completion process — from the output produced by our on-site contractors, to the quality of our customer service.

We don’t compromise on anything that we do because we are a firm believer in bearing the mark of excellence in whatever that is required of us. You’ll definitely notice this in the way we conduct ourselves in every kind of business engagement we have been involved in. Even if you’re just making simple inquiries regarding our merchandise, our personnel exhibit this quality. Client satisfaction is one of our priorities — you deserve nothing short of superior-quality services.


Innovative Approach

There’s not a single electrical contractor that has not made themselves aware of the best practices in the industry. This is no different from the way things are done at Cross-Link. Through a combination of timeless processes and ingenuity, we’ve been able to adopt flexibility and innovation in our approaches.

Here at Cross-Link, we’re always looking for the most novel and effective ways of conducting everything. In conjunction with this, we’ve also been able to retain the standards that have been set by those who have been in the industry before us. Ultimately, our combination of timeless and high-end techniques has allowed us to satisfactorily cater to a wide variety of services for a general contractor in the Philippines.


Run By A Team Of Experts

Cross-Link is run by a dedicated team of experts that are highly knowledgeable in the field of general, industrial, and electrical construction. Each of our departments is managed by only the most qualified individuals who possess the right credentials for the job. Each division — from administrative, human resource, and site personnel — is headed by experienced individuals with a solid background and know-how in electrical engineering and contracting work.

Our Administrative Staff comprises the following: Electrical Engineering, Civil, Business Development, Purchasing, Logistics, Accounting, and Human Resource/Safety divisions. They hold the responsibility of ensuring that all our operations are in working order. Our on-site personnel, on the other hand, are deployed in various parts of the country to head specific projects at Clark, Baguio, Parañaque, Taguig, and other ongoing developments that may require their expertise.

As an electrical contractor, we need to make sure that our team is right for the job. Expertise is present across our Electrical Engineering Division down to our site personnel and Administrative Department to ensure all processes conducted in our organization run smoothly.



Cross-Link has been the recipient of multiple awards and certificates as both provider of general construction merchandise and other electrical services. We have been internationally and locally recognized as the leading electrical contractor in the Philippines by firms such as Texas Instruments, Jacobs Engineering Singapore, and CYPRESS Manufacturing, just to name a few.

Cross-Link Electric and Construction Corporation also received ISO accreditation from Bureau Veritas — the recognized world leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification. We have been granted this distinction for our work in the Provision of Design, Supply Installation, Maintenance & Servicing, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil/Structural Engineering Products for Building Construction, Automation Industries, and Industrial Services. This is for our work in two sites in Parañaque and Dasmariñas, Cavite that covers purchasing, contracting, equipment maintenance, as well as warehousing.


Services Profile


Cross-Link is the one-stop electrical contractor in the Philippines for different kinds of engineering, contracting, and trading services. Starting as a purveyor of electrical equipment, our services have since branched out to accommodate plumbing, engineering, fire protection, general building work, and more.

The most crucial core values of Cross-Link — commitment, creativity, credibility, excellence, and leadership — are reflected in the quality of work that we’re able to produce. Our electrical services possess the characteristics of state-of-the-art engineering that have eluded low-tier electrical contractors in the country. Unparalleled workmanship and client-tailored solutions are just some of the attributes that best characterize our top-notch services.


Vast Array of Electrical Works

Through consultations with our licensed engineers and personnel, we’ve been able to conduct a vast array of electrical work in different specializations. From semiconductor installations, trunkline development, synch panel integration, power supplication, roughing-ins, to something as simple as equipment maintenance, we can satisfactorily complete them all.

Each of our services are approached in a comprehensive manner — we’re not just simply an electrical contractor. We go beyond this by conducting rigorous assessments of our processes and services. You can purchase different types of lighting equipment for industrial and commercial spaces. Subsequently, we provide high-quality installation services on different lighting systems, diesel generator sets, communications facilities, substations, and more.


Modern Engineering

We have meticulously tested our processes to ensure that they meet only the finest standards in modern engineering. Sticking to what works and constantly figuring out new solutions, our methodologies are guaranteed to exceed all of our client expectations from an electrical contractor in the Philippines.

Both our technological and non-technological approaches have been developed through advancements in the field of engineering. As part of our primary objectives, Cross-Link exhibits commitment in providing modern tools and materials. The contracting industry is a cutthroat business — this is what drives us to set ourselves apart and let our excellent merchandise and service speak for us. It is our mission to forge unwavering relationships with our clients and meet their expectations for whatever may be demanded of us — from the quality of our merchandise, down to our contracting projects.

We’re continually updating our processes to make sure that we don’t lag behind in the industry. Everything we do at Cross-Link is all about treading a fine line between innovative solutions and sustainable practices to provide world-class electrical engineering solutions.


Unparalleled Workmanship

The quality of our work has been exemplified by the many types of projects that we’ve been able to complete over the course of our time in the industry. We’ve been supplanting electrical equipment and services to clients from different fields such as construction, hospitality, industrial, electrical, waterworks, and more.

Everyone in the organization is committed to providing work that exceeds expectations. No task is too insignificant for us — we devote 100% of our skills and expertise no matter what.



When it comes to our merchandise and equipment, the focus is always on the client. Our services are tailor-fit to the needs of the customer, making sure that no compromise takes place in the process.

For example, if you simply want recommendations regarding a generator set, we’re able to provide you with the necessary information on its maintenance. Need modifications to your HVAC utilities or your residential wiring scheme? We’ll gladly do the work for you. Simply get in touch with us and allow our team to schedule a consultation with you.


Hire An Electrical Contractor In The Philippines From Cross-Link!

Cross-Link has been the top electrical contractor in the Philippines for almost 30 years. We’ve been the leading supplier of high-quality general merchandise, goods, wares, and electrical equipment that have met the strictest standards in the industry.

Our organization has been the go-to electric and construction company to carry out projects across the country, from simple installation to large scale civil engineering work.

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