Our Services

Electrical Works

Outdoor/ Indoor Substation, Transmission/ Distribution System Commercial & Industrial Electrical System, High Rise Building Electrical System,  Manufacturing Electrical System, Busway System, Lighting System  and Power System.

Electrical Equipment

Diesel Rotary UPS, Dynamic and Static UPS, Switchgears, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Generator Sets, Surge Arresters, Lighting and Power Panels, Digital Power Meter, Automatic/Manual Transfer Switch, Harmonic Filter, Power Capacitor Banks, Variable Speed Drive, Relays, Soft Starters and Contactors

Mechanical Works

Plumbing and Sanitary Works, Fire Protection Works, Chilled Water System/HVAC, Air Compressor System, Clean Waste Water Treatment System, Cleanroom Classification.

Electrical Equipment Suppliers

Kinolt Dynamic UPS Exclusive Distributor, Schneider Electric Tier 1 Partner, ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) Chanel Partner

Civil or Structural Works

Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Infrastructure Facilities, School and Hospital Buildings and Sports Facilities.

Material Suppliers

Asia Electric Wire Co., Ltd Exclusive Distributor, Phelps Dodge American Wire and Cable Co. Inc., and Columbia Wire and Cable Corporation

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