All About Construction Services In The Philippines With Cross-Link

September 25, 2020


The demand for construction services in the Philippines has always been on the rise. Over the decades, people have refined construction methods and started building more infrastructure. From semiconductor facilities, hotels, to warehouses, new infrastructure designs are being established.

Every construction project is unique but the common thing about all buildings is that it needs to be well-built. No industry wants any errors as it can be costly and even fatal. 

When it comes to building, there’s no doubt that Cross-Link is the one to turn to. Our core values (commitment, leadership, excellence, creativity, and credibility) make us the premier construction service provider in the country. We have reasons to prove it as well. 

With 30 years of expertise in the construction industry, Cross-Link has been continuously providing clients with superior quality service. Our dedication to exceeding client expectations is what drives us to come up with cutting-edge solutions every day. 


Featured Services Offered

When it comes to building your project, Cross-Link provides efficient planning, effective designs, and top-notch quality construction. Our company boasts of providing the top construction services in the Philippines. We feature a wide array of products and services that are quality-assured to meet every client’s needs. 

Electrical Works

We do not simply provide construction services in the Philippines, we go beyond that. If your building needs installations, repairs, or reconstructions of electrical works, Cross-Link can cater to you. 

We develop projects for all types and sizes of electrical installations. We also cater to different industries such as semiconductor companies, industrial companies, hotels, restaurants, fuel companies, and many more. All of our projects become successful because we partner with only the best electrical suppliers and engineers in the industry.

Electrical installation involves hundreds of components and products to ensure that everything is properly installed. When all electrical work is well-built, this will mean little maintenance work in the future. Cross-Link is your go-to electrical contractor in the Philippines

With our licensed engineers, we conduct prior electrical consultations with rigorous assessments. Let us serve you when it comes to emergency systems, light fixtures, power panels, electrical substations, distribution cabinets, generator sets, socket installation, high and low voltage switchgear, bus ducts, and many more.


Engineering Works

Whether you’re thinking of renovating a building, coming up with an all-new business project, or seeking to invest in a property and build it — the factor of deciding who builds the structures is a big step. 

When you choose Cross-Link, rest assured that you’ve placed your trust at the hands of experts. With a wide specialization in engineering and numerous projects already turned over, Cross-Link provides top construction services in the Philippines.

Here at Cross-Link, we provide you with professional manpower and technical expertise when it comes to design, renovation/restoration, new construction, and other structural work. Cross-Link has all the engineering solutions you need ranging from customized designs, floor plans, fire safety systems, and many more. 

Don’t worry about creating the perfect project, Cross-Link contractors will prepare an initial plan and budget to ensure a smooth construction process.  


Why Choose Cross-Link For Your Construction Needs

At Cross-Link, we pride ourselves on being the top construction services in the Philippines. With quality integrated at our core, every process is systematically applied to every construction project. We work with transparency and embrace innovation to continuously serve excellence in our field.

30 Years of Expertise

Constructing buildings involves meticulous processes to create superior quality structures. All employees involved must be equipped with extensive knowledge about all construction procedures. 

Cross-Link has been in the industry for almost three decades. From our humble beginnings, we started with only a small budget. A total of 29 years of experience in the industry enabled us to go through every essential change in the design process. 

Our seasoned technical employees are what sets our company apart from others. From the moment we receive a project, our team immediately seeks to provide the most effective building solution. Through meticulous pre-construction planning phase and on-time deliveries, we effectively manage the whole project efficiently. 


Reliable Service Delivery

As Cross-Link strives to maintain its reputation of being the best construction service provider in the Philippines, we wouldn’t be where we are today without clients who have trusted us. For this reason, we never fail to guarantee client satisfaction. 

We incorporate quality into our management through the ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas certification and UKAS management systems certification. 

To go beyond client expectations, we make use of technical construction approaches and continuously innovate our services and products at all times. It is our company’s strength that we deliver the most reliable services. Whether by truck or ship, we deliver your products nationwide.

At Cross-Link, we prioritize you, our clients, by responding to all your concerns in a swift manner. Simply contact any of our personnel as we practice accountability and transparency at all times. 

Partner With Cross-Link To Get High-Quality Construction Services In The Philippines! 

When it comes to looking for the top construction services in the Philippines, choose Cross-Link. Recognized by industry experts, we cater to clients through reliable service deliveries and superior quality products.

We understand that your building plans were inspired by needs and wants. With more than 30 years of expertise, we deliver the most efficient construction services. Our team works with you from start to end in building your dream project. 

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